Mysore - Sandalwood Candle

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Mysore, also known as "Sandalwood City", is renowned for its handicrafts, including beautiful wood carvings made from sandalwood, teak, and rosewood. A flourishing cottage industry of sandalwood incense is present throughout the country, and the essential oil of sandalwood is used in many perfumes and air fresheners due to its exquisite scent. Shlok's sandalwood fragrance not only offers a luxurious aroma but also potential health benefits. Blended with fruity, floral, and earthy notes, this fragrance produces uplifting and rich scents that are sweet, creamy, smooth, and warm, capable of elevating one's mood.


The first 100% plant-based candle.

Includes one Mysore candle in a white candle vessel.

Big Size 
up to 35 hours of burn time.

Small Size 
up to 15 hours of burn time.