1.What are the fragrances made up of
   Fragrances are made up off plant – based, toxin free and 100% natural                  ingredients.
2. What is the burn time of these candles?
    Our 180gm candles have a 30-40 hours burn time.
3. How do I get candle refills?
    Once you have your candle container, you can easily get new candle refills 

4. Can I purchase a candle container only?
    Yes! Here is a direct link to our candle container
5. What is delivery timeline?

    Our delivery timeline is between 4 to 15 days, from date of order placement. 


We believe in Staying True to our Roots

At Shlok Living, we believe in staying true to our roots and incorporating the essence of traditional culture in our products, while embracing modern techniques and sustainability. It is our way of honoring our heritage and bringing the best of both worlds to our customers.